The Ten Tribes – Jewish Eschatology

The Jews say1, that the ten tribes will never return, and that they will have no part nor portion in the world to come.”  –The John Gill Exposition of the Entire Bible

1. T. Bab. Sanhedrin, fol. 110. 2.


Gentile(s) = Talmudic Interpolation?

Has the church fallen prey to Talmudic interpolation?

“The seminal study of gôy is E.A. Speiser, ” ‘People’ and ‘Nation’ of Israel,” JBL 79 (1960) 157-63; see also R.E. Clements and G.J. Botterweck, TDOT, 2:426-33, esp. their disclaimer on p. 432 that “there is no support in the OT for the usage which emerged in Talmudic Hebrew where the sing. goy could denote an individual member of a non-Israelite nation.”

Footnote #19 on pg. 62 of “The Book of Genesis” by Victor P. Hamilton* where he had just stated:

“The ancient versions rendered gôy in this passage as “people” (Targ. Onqelos: (h’m zk’y tqtwl, “will you slay people even though innocent”) and as “nation” (LXX: (éthnos qgnooún kaí díkaiov apoleís; Vulg.: num gentem ignorantem et instam inferficies, “will you destroy an ignorantly [sinning] and just nation?”).

While reading through Judges 4 I came across, in my KJV translation, 3 instances where goy was translated “gentiles” (vv. 2, 13, 16) and it got me to wondering where else this English transliteration of the Latin “gens” (which means “nation” or “race”) – which has no etymology in either Hebrew or Greek and is arbitrarily inserted into our English translations – was used in the O.C.

The Hebrew “goy(im)” [H1471] appears 559 times in 512 verses and is variously rendered: gentiles, heathen, nation, nations or people. Sometimes it refers to nations other than Israel and sometimes it refers to Israel. Less than 10% of the time is it translated by the word “gentiles”. The only difference that I can find is an arbitrary rendering of the Text to suit a particular agenda or presupposition. The same appears to be true of the Greek counterpart “ethnos” [G1484] in the N.C.

So, has the church fallen prey to apostate Jewish, Talmudic interpolations?

*Dr. Victor P. Hamilton (Ph.D., Brandeis University) is professor of Bible and theology at Asbury College.


ETHNIC JEWS: An old letter to Stephen Sizer

Tues, 12 NOV 2002 23:17:03

Dear Stephen,

Thank you for responding to my letter.  I’m sorry that I have now been so long in replying.  I am without a home computer these days and have grown tired of having to go to the public library to read or write emails.  (My computer died shortly before our son was hospitalized with acute appendicitis, the bills started rolling in and then homeschooling began in earnest, so buying a new one right away got pushed to the back burner.)

I must confess that I was a little perplexed and agitated that you (after having read your insightful articles on diSpENSATIONALism and Christian Zionism – particularly the section on Scofield) could so easily equate a person’s nationality (“those born within the state of Israel since 1948”) with their religion (“could be described as indigenous Jews”; but I suppose that’s what I’m setting out to prove).  ;o)  My father is constantly reminding me to be patient with people – that it is hard to think in new categories.  He says that my problem is that I am too much of an IDEALIST…

So, I guess the place that I’ll start is with NATIONALITY and RELIGION.  I am assuming that since you know the history of Christian Zionism that you are aware of how Zionism in general began(?) so I’ll start there.

•  Chaim WEIZMANN, Jr. is considered one of the fathers of modern Zionism.  Chaim was born in 1874 in Motol, Russia (that would make him a RUSSIAN by nationality) and became a British subject in 1910 before passing from this world in 1952.  I believe that he died in the newly created State of Israel, but I would have to double-check to be certain.  Chaim’s father was Ozer/Oser WEIZMANN and his mother was Rachel (Leah) CHEMERINSKI, both of RUSSIA.  Now Chaim’s paternal grandfather was Chaim (Azriel) FIALKOV who died in RUSSIA if he was not born there.  So how does a FIALKOV become a WIEZMANN?  Simple  The change their name.  This will become important later.  In fact, 5 of the 7 FIALKOV sons changed their names, probably as a means of escaping service in the Russian army.  One became a SHAPIRO, another a GOLDWEITZ, another a ROSENWEIG, another a BERMAN, and our Chaim’s father became a WIEZMANN after he was “adopted” by a childless uncle.  Notice that none of these names inspire thoughts of Biblical characters in the O.T.  Not a one BEN SO-AND-SOs or BAR SUCH-AND-SUCH.  These Jews had/have surnames indicative of their country of origin – and none of them are Middle Eastern!

Let me stop here and point out something very crucial.

1) the children of Abraham were REQUIRED to maintain their genealogy – for inheritance purposes, for marital purposes, and for service within the nation/temple.

2) after the destruction of A.D. 70 there were NO SURVIVING GENEALOGICAL RECORDS and the Jews that did survive became enslaved by the Romans.  Before A.D. 70 many Roman women were becoming nominal Jews for political expediency (which is why the Jews today say that descent was switched from patrilineal to matrilineal).

3) SURNAMES did not come into vogue until around the 1st millennium (and after having traced my own ancestry back almost a 1,000 years – even in countries like Great Britain where record-keeping is a tremendous advantage for the genealogist over and against those countries that were not so concerned or Christianized – it is still putative/spurious at best.  My own maiden name is [omitted] (Norman/English), but my father was thought to be and indeed is the bastard son of a [omitted] (Scottish).  His birth certificate, however, reads [omitted] (French) – after a man too dead to know or protest!).

Which brings me to this question: “How many ethnic or religious Jews in one’s pedigree does it take to make a person a descendant of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – i.e. an ETHNIC Jew?

•  Before I go back to the founders of Zionism let me relate a modern American example.  Over here we have an incredibly popular radio talk show personality named Dr. Laura SCHLESSINGER.  She is a self-proclaimed Jew and doles out Pharisaical advice with a lot of appeal to the God of the O.T.,  and religion in general, mostly to people with what I call a middle-class morality whether they be pagans, nominal Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc.  Dr. Laura was born to a secular Jewish-American father (whatever a secular Jew is!?), Monty SCHLESSINGER and a secular Catholic-Italian mother (whatever a secular Catholic is!?) that he met while oversees in the War.  By her own admission she grew up without any religious affiliation, was married for a short time and divorced.  She remarried an apparently nominal Episcopalian and one night while watching a public broadcasting special on the horrors of Nazi Germany related to her son, who asked what a Jew was, that the Jews were “his people.  You are a Jew!”  This launched her on a quest of self-discovery.  However, since her mother had never CONVERTED to Judaism nor had it been PRACTISED in their home, Dr. Laura was constrained to convert.  If being a Jew were a matter of being part of an ethnic group, then why would one have to convert? [“Conversion” is the language of religion.]  Nevertheless she did, as did her son and Episcopalian husband and now they are all happy Jews – descendants and fellow heirs with father Abraham.  Nevermind the prohibition God had placed on His Old Covenant people not to marry certain outsiders.  I guess if you don’t know your genealogical history, then you can plead ignorance of The Law before The Throne!  What if her mother was a descendant of a Canaanite or a Perizite or a Jebusite!?!  What if her husband was!?! Most people would readily admit that those distinctions are long since passé, yet we tanaciously cling to the idea that God still has around His Old Covenant people – the truths of the Gospel or the fallacy of Dispensationalism/Christian Zionism notwithstanding.

What shall I more say, for time would fail me to tell of Ehud BARAK who was born Ehud BROG of East European immigrants or Menachem BEGIN who was born in Brest-Litovsk, RUSSIA (now BELARUS) or David BEN-GURION who was born David GREEN (a real Jewish-sounding name) in Plonsk, RUSSIA (now POLAND) or Levi ESHKOL who was born Levi SHKOLNIK in the UKRAINE under RUSSIAN control or Golda MEIR (who said “there are no such thing as Palestinians”) who was born Golda MABOVITZ in Kiev, UKRAINE and moved with her family to Milwaukee, Wisconsin when she was 8 years old.  She married Morris MEYERSON who changed his name to MEIR in 1956 after they have moved to PALESTINE years earlier.  Of what of Benjamin NETANYAHU who, although was born in Tel Aviv in 1949 in the newly constructed country of Israel and raised in Philadelphia, was nevertheless the son of Benzion MILEIKOWSKY and Cela SEGAL of POLAND, the grandson of Nathan MILEIKOWSKY of LITHUANIA (again they changed their names).  Shimon PERES was born Shimon PERSKI of Vishniva, POLAND (now BELARUS).  Yitzhak SHAMIR was also born in eastern POLAND in the village of Ruzinoy.  Moshe SHARETT was born Moshe SHERTOK in 1894 in RUSSIA.  And last, but certainly not least, we have Ariel SHARON (a.k.a. the Butcher of Beirut) who was born Arik SCHEINERMAN the son of Samuil SCHEINERMAN and Vera SCHNEEROFF, Russian Jews.  SCHEINERMAN/SHARON had the good sense to at least be born in “the ancestral homeland of the Jews” – too bad it was prior to the creation of the state in 1948 and was referred to as “PALESTINE” back then!  I guess old Ariel could rightly be called a Palestinian-Jew (perish the thought!).

I have yet to see the genealogical tables of any of these birds (Rev 18:2).  Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of A.D. 70 the religion of Judaism has duped the world into believing that they have been reborn (or resurrected?), the descendants of an ancient faith and revered patriarch.

Just saying this much is enough to brand me a heretic or anti-semetic (that is if we knew – or could know – just exactly who Shem’s descendants are/were) or a neo-Nazi/Aryan, Anglo/British-Israelite, etc!  And that is the crux of my argument.  As Christians, we argue against the British-Israelism/Armstrongian heresy on the very same grounds the would discount Jews as being the ETHNIC offspring of the patriarchs (see Michael O. Friedman’s book, The Origin of the British Israelites).

Our holding such erroneous views – whether perceived or unperceived – influences not only our theology (a la Rom 11 and a racial gospel), but our politics (esp. re: the Middle East) as well.  Israel would have never been established as a homeland for persecuted Jews if the Church would have had her theological and idealogical ducks-in-a-row.  The Arabs would have never been mad at the Axis-of-Evil (America, Great Britain & French imperialism) that spawned Israel and led directly to the attacks of Sept 11th in this country had we not lied to and duped them a century ago and continue to disinfranchise them based on our ignorance and the wealth and power of the Jewish/Israeli lobby in this country (e.g. StandForIsrael.org).

(Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in Divine Providence – but I also believe in means/temporal purposes…)

The very idea is absurd even to Jews.  Try this: next time you see a fellow with a yamulke on his head exclaim to him excitedly that you’re “adopted” and your “elder brother” is from “the tribe of Judah!” and then ask him innnocently which tribe he is from – maybe they (him and your “elder brother”) are related (!?!) – and just see how he responds! >:o)

It gets worse when you consider that they couldn’t even speak their “native” language – i.e. Hebrew, for over 2,000 years – that it had to be “revived” (reinvented is more like it; see Eliezar BEN YEHUDA – aka Eliezar PEARLMAN).  Or that IF they COULD trace their ancestry back over more than at least one millennia that they might come to the realization that they might actually be KHAZARS (Russian converts to Judaism in the Caucasus Mts. sometime around the 7th or 8th century; cf. Arthur KOESTLER’s book, The Thirteenth Tribe, a historical look at the Khazars and their powerful kingdom and influence).  Or perhaps they’ll appeal to the Ashkenaz (the grandson of Japeth, not Shem!) and Sephardic traditions (Sephard was thought to be the Hebrew name for Spain and is taken from Obadiah 1:20).  In either case, these distinctions didn’t arise until the 1st millennium – a thousand years after their dispersion from Palestine under the Romans.  They also appeal to “family names” like COHEN, LEVI, etc. but as I have shown, Jews have a real penchant for changing their names, a few bucks and a piece of judicial paper and voilà you’re an Israelite!  The big thing now is genetics and DNA, but tests have revealed that many Jews and Arabs possess some of the same genetic markers – of course they explain that away with a 4,000+ year old connection to a common patriarch.  Out of all the peoples in the world vying for “lost tribe” identity these days (see Moshiach.com) it seems the only group that is emphatically denied “ethnic Jewish” status are “Messianic Jews” or “Jewish Christians”…

I’ve rambled too long and put most of my big cards on the table, so I’ll close and let you digest what I’ve said.  Of course, I have sources if you’re interested or could expand on any of the points above.  It’s a fascinating subject – especially if, unlike me, you can divorce yourself from the emotional indignation of righteous idealism. ;o)

Thanks for listening to me vent.  God bless.


P.S.  My father’s ancestors (c. 1,000 yrs ago) probably lived around the little town of Huntley in Gloucestershire and my husband’s ancestors were probably their neighbors on the Welsh border.  (I tell my husband that God was working over 1,000 years ago to get us together at the precise point in time that He did, albeit with many detours along the way. ;o)  Where is Virginia Water in relation to Gloucestershire?

P.P.S.  I watched a program last night about Islam in America and they frequently made reference to this or that person although was “born a Christian” converted to Islam.  I’m sure you would agree that no one can be “born” a Christian, but neither can one be BORN a Jew, because “Jew” today does not mean someone from Judah/Israel but rather someone who adheres to Judaism – the religion of the Talmud.


Daily Reflections

I was reading the book of Jonah today and came across Jonah’s self designation in chapter 1, verse 9: “I am a Hebrew and I worship the Lord, the God of heaven, who made the sea and the land.”

There are several things that came to mind when I read this regarding my new webspace:

1)  Chapter and verses are a Christian invention and yet modern Jews use them in their Bibles.

2)  Jonah doesn’t refer to himself as a Jew or an Israelite but rather as a Hebrew.  Now my study notes say that this was an ethnic description commonly used in the Bible, but was typically intended by non-Israelites or Hebrews as a disparaging term.  They don’t give any references to back up their position and I didn’t find anything to this effect in the Holman Bible Dictionary.  (I have yet to consult another at this time.)  Holman’s idea is that Jonah may have wanted to clarify that he was a descendant from Eber rather than an Amorite that had control of Babylonia for appx 400 yrs (2000-1595 BC).  Why some ethnic group almost a thousand years removed from these sailors would be of concern baffles me, but I suppose old hatreds linger on…

The part that is fascinating is that Jonah does not refer to himself, as I said, by a nationality (Israel) or by a tribe – all we know of Jonah is that he was the son of Amittai and from Gath Hepher which was in Zebulun’s territory (2 Kgs 14:25) – but by either the ethnic or linguistic designation of Hebrew.

Holman further points out that after the death of Saul (1 Sam 29) it does not appear in the historical books and that Israel and/or Judah may be reserved for religious and political terms for the people of the covenant/God’s nation.

3)  Hebrew as a language.  The third thing that came to mind was that Hebrew was still a viable language in Jonah’s day.  If he was speaking Hebrew with the sailors, then he wouldn’t have to identify himself as such much like a Latino wouldn’t have to identify himself to another Latino as such if they were already conversing in Spanish.  If one were to state I’m Columbian and the other Venezuelian, then there would be the difference.   Thus the fact that the sailors didn’t know that Jonah was a Hebrew and that he was able to book passage on a ship to another country may indicate that Jonah may have been bilingual.  (Although we know from Scripture that at least some Assyrians knew Hebrew – 2 Chron 32:18).

However, by the time of Darius, Aramaic was making inroads into the world scene as the standard vehicle for communication among the majority.  Following the Bar Kokhba revolt, Hebrew gradually ceased to be spoken so that by the time The Messiah arrived on the scene His own people were both fascinated to hear their mother tongue spoken (Acts 21:4022:1-8) and unsure what they were hearing (Matt 27:46-47). Greek was the next major language to be accepted on the world scene and soon Hebrew became a dead language.

So much so that I once read this wonderful article by Robert Henderson called “Waking the Dead: Hebrew Rises from the Grave” where he compares the resurrection of Hebrew to that of the cloning of Jurassic Park‘s dinosaurs and what was in the mind of a single man: Eliezer Yitzhak PERLMAN, more commonly known as Eliezer Ben YEHUDA.  And indeed that’s very close to the idea of what came to pass.

Hebrew had ceased to exist, to be spoken as a language.  There were no words for ice-cream or bicycle prior to PERLMAN/YEHUDA.  He had to create them and convince people to use them.  Prior to this the world’s Jews spoke the language of the country they lived in – and a lot of that was Russian, German and Yiddish (which didn’t show up until the 10th century!).

Where, faithful Jew – covenant people of God – is your continuity?  I’ll tell you.  It’s in your mythology.  It’s in your mind.  It’s certainly not rooted in history.  As the Scripture and history bear out, “because you have forsaken the LORD, He has also forsaken you“. (2 Chron 24:20)

“Salvation is of the Lord” as Jonah says and that Salvation is only provided for through the atoning work of The Promised Messiah (Prophet: Deut 18:15, 18-19; Priest/King: Zech 6:12-13; Jer 23:5-6; Jer 33:15-18).

4)  Jonah says that he is “a Hebrew” and that he “worship[s] the LORD, the God of heaven, who made the sea and the land.”

Jonah knows both who he is and where he came from and Who he worships.  His faith is in The Lord of heaven and earth.  Not in the god of the Talmud, not in some god of mythology and kabbalah mysticism who says that Abraham

So what are modern Jews if they, unlike Jonah have no continuity of heritage: ancestry, language, homeland or faith?  I’ll tell you.  They are Jews for nothing.


Hello World!

Welcome to JewsForNothing. This is my first post.  I started this blog/name because I wanted to make a comment on someone else’s blog and the name I wanted was already taken.  I read a book a long time ago with this title

Jews For Nothing

Jews For Nothing

by Dov Aharoni Fisch.  (It was subtitled “On Cults, Intermarriage and Assimilation”.)  Coupled with that book and many others that I’ve since read, have lead me to believe to believe that Judaism is a RELIGION ONLY (and an apostate one at that) and Jews, contrary to popular opinion/mythology, are NØT a distinct identifiable people group.  Thus, they are “Jews FOR Nothing”.

I don’t know if anything will ever come of this blog – if I will make regular posts/updates or if I will ever convince another living soul of my position.  I could really care less.  The truth is what it is and it is not up to me to convince you of my position.  I can only post things as I see them and let the reader interpret for themselves.  Someone once said “the masses are asses” (I don’t mean that nor do I think the speaker meant that to be used as a curse word, but rather that the majority of people will stubbornly refuse to believe anything you tell them, even if it is “hey you dumb beast, there’s water over here and you’re dying of thirst!”  While you’re pulling on it’s bridle, it’s digging in it’s hooves!)

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