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The Ten Tribes – Jewish Eschatology

The Jews say1, that the ten tribes will never return, and that they will have no part nor portion in the world to come.”  –The John Gill Exposition of the Entire Bible

1. T. Bab. Sanhedrin, fol. 110. 2.


Hello World!

Welcome to JewsForNothing. This is my first post.  I started this blog/name because I wanted to make a comment on someone else’s blog and the name I wanted was already taken.  I read a book a long time ago with this title

Jews For Nothing

Jews For Nothing

by Dov Aharoni Fisch.  (It was subtitled “On Cults, Intermarriage and Assimilation”.)  Coupled with that book and many others that I’ve since read, have lead me to believe to believe that Judaism is a RELIGION ONLY (and an apostate one at that) and Jews, contrary to popular opinion/mythology, are NØT a distinct identifiable people group.  Thus, they are “Jews FOR Nothing”.

I don’t know if anything will ever come of this blog – if I will make regular posts/updates or if I will ever convince another living soul of my position.  I could really care less.  The truth is what it is and it is not up to me to convince you of my position.  I can only post things as I see them and let the reader interpret for themselves.  Someone once said “the masses are asses” (I don’t mean that nor do I think the speaker meant that to be used as a curse word, but rather that the majority of people will stubbornly refuse to believe anything you tell them, even if it is “hey you dumb beast, there’s water over here and you’re dying of thirst!”  While you’re pulling on it’s bridle, it’s digging in it’s hooves!)